So, here I come up with 13 amazing ways how every girl wants to get proposed.Just imagine you ’ve found the woman of your dreams – Lucky you! And now you’ve got to figure out how to ask her to be your wife. Planning is everything and when you know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it, the nerves will subside somewhat.

And never forget to first ask her parents for her hand in marriage before you buy the ring. It’s just the right thing to do when it’s an option.

Proposing to a girl is a big deal. When you are entering your next phase in life, you want to do it right, you want to do something special for your love to remember forever.

Nerves are surely in full swing. Understand that’s normal and you just need to push past them.

FACT – Pretty much every girl’s dream is getting proposed to perfectly. That’s a lot of pressure, I know.This scenario is going to stress out the guys that either doesn’t have the creativity or perhaps just lag in the romance department.

So there’s a little pressure here because most girls don’t want an ordinary ho-hum proposal. And please don’t copy what you see in the movies.

Down on one knee with the roses in one hand and the ring in the other. That gets old fast! You’re going to have to be a little more clever than that if you want to do it right.

13 amazing ways how every girl wants to get proposed


When you are looking to propose to your girl, one of the best things you can do is just be yourself. If you are a calm and rational guy that’s usually quite composed and reserved, don’t overdo it with your proposal.

Keep it simple and you’ll be just fine!

Just try and be sweet and simple. You’ve got to follow what your gut is saying and tap into her heart too. Try to be somewhat creative, but also make sure you don’t do any acting. Just be yourself. You need to always speak from your heart, even if it’s a little clumsy.

Find your special way to say and show her she is the best thing that ever happened to you.


This one is quite popular but there are so many different things you can do in order to make it your own, to make it special. By dimming the lights and lighting up the candles, you are setting the stage for something truly special.

Candles and romance go hand in hand.

Maybe you want to prepare an extra special dinner for her with some soft romantic music in the background? How can she not feel special if you ask her for her hand in marriage in such a romantic moment?

An excellent option if you plan on proposing to your girlfriend.


You know how your girlfriend thinks about the holidays; Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, etc. Find a day that has special meaning to both of you and use it to pop the question.

What you are trying to do is establish meaning and when you find a special day that you share, then you will nail it when the day finally arrives for you to propose.

Remember, this marriage proposal signifies a solid commitment of love and trust between two people who love each other passionately and truly.


This route is seriously quite clever. It’s a romantic route to propose to her that’s also unique.

Try editing a short movie flick that asks her the big question during the break. Talk about a fun time anticipating her reaction and actually watching her read those life-changing words.


This is another clever but sweet route to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you. Either uses an old favorite T-shirt or buy a new one and get the words “Will You Marry Me?” printed on it.

Wear your jacket and take her to the park or someplace special. There you can get down on one knee and show her your shirt. That’s just super sweet romantic. It’ll make her melt.


Sometimes less is more and when it comes to proposing, you are better to not overdo it. Take her to a quiet park to have a romantic picnic, just the two of you.

Have some chocolates covered strawberries. You could even use the strawberries to hide her engagement ring. If you have any creativity you could write her a poem or even sing her a song.

The sky’s the limit so tap into your imagination.


This one will take a little help and plan to execute properly. You’re going to hide in a box that’s wrapped and wait for her to unwrap you. Inside, of course, you will be down on one knee with the ring.

Talk about a huge surprise!

Of course, you will need to have someone with her that’s going to convince her to open this big box. To make it a little easier you could personalize it on the outside and ask her to “Open Me Please!”

That’s just magical.


If you have anxiety or battle with your nerves more often than not, you might want to try the banner method when proposing. Just make sure you know she’s going to say yes before you try it!

You can hang the banner outside her workplace or hang it up in the room for when she gets home. Has it made up to ask her if she will marry you?

Another exciting and alive route is to have an airplane pull the banner across the sky. Again, this one will take a little bit of planning because you will have to make sure you get her to the spot where the plane is flying over!

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Of course, you want her to say yes and some men guess wrong. But you should have a pretty strong idea that she will say yes when you ask for her for her hand in marriage. It’s much easier if she’s already dropped hints to you that she wants to get married.

If she acts weird around the topics of your future, marriage, kids, etc., you might want to hold off until you are a little surer.


This is where you need to spell out the marriage proposal in a place she isn’t expecting it. The key is to catch her off guard.

Maybe you want to write it with her favorite lipstick on the bathroom mirror?

What about using fridge magnets?

Glow in the dark stickers is awesome on the ceiling.

Use your imagination and have fun. Make the moment one she will remember always.


Timing is VIP when you are looking to propose with meaning to your girlfriend. And this is something only you can figure out. Now there isn’t really a “perfect” time to propose but there are better times for you.

You want to be calm and relaxed and not rushed when you ask for her hand in marriage.


Be careful because it’s the atmosphere that’s going to be important and it’s you that will be creating it. Depending on which location you choose. It’s you that’s setting the stage, no pressure!

You can pop the question anywhere you like but when you put a little creative thought into it, you increase the chances of impressing her with something very meaningful.

Women appreciate a man that remembers special moments. And if you propose to your girlfriend in a special place for the two of you, that speaks wonders.


This is an art that seems to be losing steam as our world progresses full speed ahead into technology and broken communication.

You know your girlfriend and hopefully, you know her parents if they are still alive and involved in her life.

Ask yourself if they would be flattered if you ask them first for their daughter’s hand in marriage. If you think this would please them, it’s important you go ahead and ask them.

This is a thoughtful, kind and considerate gesture that goes a long way in showing your girlfriend she really is the one.

When you are looking to figure out the best way to propose to your girlfriend, there is a heck of a lot of aspects to think about. Be creative and thoughtful but try not to make it too complicated. Think of what your girlfriend likes and make sure it winds up somewhere in your proposal plans.

Take your time and make sure you follow your heart. You will do great!

Best of luck!

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