Get Brave quotes and eye-catching pictures from the amazing collection of quotes and captions. Being brave isn’t something you need to prove to others, you have to be brave just for you  and for your life, here are hundreds of cases and situations come in your life where you need to be courageous and strong. Sometimes you have to be brave to say ‘NO’ to something or sometimes you need the same bravery and fearless nature to accept any opportunity of challenge in your life.

As far as I believe word |Brave| isn’t just for them who do really heavy, responsible and strange jobs like astronomy, satellite engineering, heart and mind doctors, pilots or drivers of such big trackers but you can prove yourself braves even in everyday routine like when you have to take any decision, you have to fulfil the others ex[ections and other daily workouts of the day.

Here are such beautiful trust quotes for you, because I know Like attracts like ^^

#1 You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.


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#2 Be strong when you are weak, Brave when you are scared and humble when you are               victorious.


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#3 Great things never came from comfort zones.
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#4 Be brave.

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#5 Be brave to take risks.


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#6 Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.


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#7 Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of the fear.


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#8 Be brave you can do anything.


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#9 You can not be brave without fear.


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#10 Show me how big your brave is?


You need to show confident and brave behavior even if you are in office and presenting your  work. you need to show your brave nature even when you are leaving those beyond who make you feel small. Share these beautiful brave quotes that make you feel brave with your friend and family.

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