How to make him imagine you well even if you are miles away

It might be possible he goes out frequently for a business trip or any other work-related purpose, and you will need to live away from him, but please REMEMBER he misses you, yes he does miss badly. Sometimes he does express, and sometimes he doesn’t, but you need to understand this that he needs you to guess his feelings. In love, no one leads…….. both of the lovebirds will have to play the part equally. The joy you will feel while letting down yourself will be the ultimate.
Here we are sharing five short, easy to follow and most beautiful ideas which you can execute to make your love realized that you are with him even being miles away.

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1- Let him know you are missing him more than he does.

Love is incomplete if it is not being expressed. Express your love, your feelings. Make him know you miss him so so so badly. Message him, call him, if he is busy leave video message for him. But be careful that these messages, voice and video calls will not be much lengthy, so he will not get distracted from his work.

2-Make he imagine you are with him on that trip.

You can pretend as you are with him. Let him know you are in his favorite dressing and color combination. Suggest him dresses for the meetings and session he will have on that business trip.
Ask him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner exactly on time as you do when he been here physically.

3-Do not complain – He needs your support.

Be his supportive baby. He loves to pamper you and make you feel very special for him every time but this time when he is away from you do not complain him by giving these type of statements ‘you are not giving much time to me now,’ ‘I know you are ignoring me.’ , ‘You all change now’ blah blah blah.
4-Show what you feel.

Share songs, video performances, comedy shows with him.
Share the link to those videos with him, keep him involved. Keep telling him you are missing him continuously and you’re seeing him in all those lyrics and characters.
You can add captions while sharing these seasons and lyrics with him like;
– I missed you badly when I was watching this video, and especially I missed you so badly when I have watched that dancing couple.
– I missed your shoulders to keep my head over while watching that romantic song
– I wanted to wrap myself when I was looking at that horror clip.
These are just a few ideas you can arrange your words according to the chemistry that you have with your life partner.

5- Say ‘Goodbye’ to every thought when going to bed with him.

Instead of complaining and getting irritated when he is away from you let him know that you are still with him. Make him sleep while being on call and relax him. Treat him and let him imagine that you are as closer to him as his pillow or blanket to him.
Make some cozy sounds as you go when he is in bed with you, you can let him feel that you are with him by telling him your dress code and style too.

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Life is too short to discuss the things which you do not have, care the ones you own, respect the feelings you get in return of expressing your feel. Do not expect anything from your partner play your strong role too. Always be the reason for his smile not of his pain and sadness.

I hope you liked this article [How to make him imagine you well even if you are miles away], share what you think when your loved one is away from you and how you make him suppose you.

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