Inspiring Fashion Trending Quotes From Celebrities.

‚ÄúAnything which is unique is called Fashion”, who spoke these words? Well, these words are spoken by me. It won’t become famous because I am not a celebrity of course but hardly any topic is discussed around the globe with as much passion as Fashion. Everyone, people of all ages have something to say about it. So many renounced sentences said by famous celebrities and personalities have a great effect on the audience depending on ages too because when famous fashion designers, models, photographers or actors express themselves on the subject of¬†fashion, style, elegance or trends then a particular quote can sometimes go down and create history. If you are a fashion geek and more inclined towards fashion and like to carry different fashion trends, following quotes will work for you. You can get fashion inspiration by reading these¬†best fashion quotes and also you can use them as Instagram captions and boost up your post and get more views! A simple quote can have a big impact when famous fashionistas open up their tongue and make those words a general wisdom of life. Sometimes comments on fashion are very interesting, sometimes insightful and sometimes funny. With these quotes, you will find and learn to see fashion from so many different angles.”

Here you will find 50 Celebrities Best Fashion Quotes Went Viral In the history:

1.”Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.”( Coco Chanel)

2.”A smile is the most beautiful make-up that a girl can wear.”(Marilyn Monroe)

3.”She used fashion like a language without words and used her clothes to silently express something about herself like a silent film star.”(John Galliano)

4.”Beauty is not a gift, but the sum of natural charisma, personal style, and competent care.”(Germaine Monteil)

5.” Punk was a fashion trend, not an art form.¬†He did not go beyond fashion and in the end was just another form of marketing.”(Vivienne Westwood)

6.”There is no plan for a white blouse. She is always the first choice and a reliable partner who never cheats on you.”(Guido Maria Kretschmer)

7.”A well-dressed woman can conquer the world, even if her wallet is empty.”(Louise Brooks)

8.”Black is perfect.¬†Know also.¬†Together they are pure harmony.”(Coco Chanel)

9.”I do not design fashion, I create dreams.”(Ralph Lauren)

10.”Glorify the female body.¬†The leather is sexy and must the leather shape, just like a woman.¬†A straight square would not touch you, but fashion has to be emotional and get under your skin.”(Marina Hoermanseder)

11.”Whoever said that money does not make you happy, just did not know where to go shopping.”(Bo Dereck)

12.”Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of his life.”(Karl Lagerfeld)

13.”A woman cutting her hair is changing her life.”(Coco Chanel)

14.”I am a woman who prefers to go without dresses than dresses without style.”(Madonna)

15.”Of course, as an accessory designer, I have a huge collection of shoes and bags.¬†But in the coming year, I want to resort more often to well-tried favorites.¬†As much as I like new trends – rediscovering my old treasures is just as exciting.”(Charlotte Olympia)

16.”It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”(Marilyn Monroe)

17.”Relax – everyone should wear what he or she wants.The main thing, you feel comfortable with it.”(Jared Leto)

18.”If you want to keep beautiful legs, you have to let them massaged by the eyes of men.”(Marlene Dietrich)

19.”My clothes give one a ballet attitude and they are very, very elegant.¬†They bring out one and they swing in a special way, very sexy.”(Vivienne Westwood)

20.”You have to play with vanity.¬†I do not want to be the slave or something.¬†Not even my own vanity.”(Mario Testino)

21.”A style is a way to show who you are – without having to speak.”(Rachel Zoe)

22.”If you want to be in the center of a party, you can not go.”(Audrey Hepburn)

23.”There is no fashion breaking: what is considered a bad taste today, could be back tomorrow.”(Jean Paul Gaultier)

24.”Grunge is the romantic hippie variant of punk.”(Marc Jacobs)

25.”Many people have taste, but they dare not be creative.”(Bill Cunningham)

26.”Coming out of fashion can also be ahead of fashion.”(Dr.¬†Phil.¬†Jurgen Wilbert)

27.”Fashion is short-lived art in motion that is constantly changing.”(Carolina Herrera)

28.”Fashion should reflect who you are, what you feel and where you go.”(Pharrell Williams)

29.”I value individuality.¬†The style is much more interesting than the fashion itself.” (Marc Jacobs)

30.”To be irreplaceable, you always have to be different.”(Coco Chanel)

31.”People do not know what they want to wear.¬†They only know it when they have seen it.”(Marc Jacobs)

32.”For a woman, there are more important things than an orgasm, for example, the purchase of a pair of aubergine patent leather boots.”(Esther Vilar)

33.”The walking stick stands for the dignity of man, the mustache for vanity, and the worn-out shoes for the worries.”(Charlie Chaplin)

34.I’m still down to earth, I’m wearing only better shoes.(Oprah Winfrey)

35.”Fashion is playful, it becomes snappy, it has played out.”(Dr.¬†Phil.¬†Manfred Hinrich)

36.”Fashion is a social code that helps us to find our way in society.”(Marie Nasemann)

37.”The body is the link between the clothing and the person wearing it, and that’s the same with a scent.”(Jean Paul Gaultier)

38. “Givenchy’s hats!¬†They made the face in the close-up always look like a wonderfully framed picture.”(Audrey Hepburn)

39.”If someone at the box office gets a laugh-spasm, because the ice creams on the sweater, and I see the laugh lines.¬†That’s beauty for me when people are alive. “(Nora Tschirner)

40″Are your hair properly styled and you are wearing good shoes, then you can get away with everything.”(Iris Apfel)

41.”The secret of elegance lies in its simplicity.”(Christian Dior)

42.”Vanity paired with self-irony is acceptable.”(Gianni Versace)

43.”I love people who make me laugh.¬†I really believe that laughter is my favorite occupation.¬†It heals a lot of diseases.¬†Maybe it’s the most important thing about humans. “(Audrey Hepburn)

44.”Fashion is associated with dreams.¬†If presented in such a way that it takes your breath away, it will give you a great feeling.”(Nicole Kidman)

45. “Fashion is like federal youth games.¬†You have to be able to do a lot of disciplines to get a certificate.”(Michael Michalski)

46.”If you’re not sure if it suits you, it will not look good.”(Scott Omelianuk)

47.”I would hate the man who says at the sight of my shoes, ‘Oh my God!¬†But they look comfortable! “(Christian Louboutin)

48.”Life is short, but your high heels should not be!”(Brian Atwood)

49.”Clothing does not matter until someone wears it.”(Marc Jacobs)

50.”Dressing yourself well is a matter of good manners.”(Tom Ford)


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