Marriage Quotes, Couple Quotes, Married Couple Sayings – Marriage is the most beautiful relation which becomes the root of so many further holy and pious relations within a family. Wiser says love can be blind but marriage is the real eye-opener, that’s the reality no one can run out of this intimacy once get committed to this relationship. Since the childhood, we have been listening to the fairy tails which tell everything will be creamlike and smooth once you get married, like in the story of Cinderella, snow-white and many other where life before marriage was tragic, a price came, fell in love with the girl and like a magic after that they both have started loving a peaceful and happy life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in the real life and real married couples.
Every healthy and successful relationship needs proper consideration and when it comes to the husband-wife relationship, it demands super extra. They need to consider the next person, his/her existence, goals, and dreams, only then they can live happily and proceed to their happy married life.
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