Quotes and Captions for Smoke and Mirrors Day

When we describe something like smoke and mirrors we mean it is illusory and empty. It can be used in various terms like by various people. Today on 29th March, – World celebrates this day as a smoke and mirror day.

The phrase “It’s all smoke and mirrors’ refers to the way in which magicians use all manner of distraction to make sure the audience fails to see what’s going on. The more involved the artifice, the more successfully the magician will get away with it. The most obvious example of smoke and mirrors is ‘Legalese,’ that incredibly convoluted language that lawyers use to make sure that no-one else understands what’s happening. Politicians have been known to try that sort of thing too.

Here you have Smoke and Mirror quotes and captions to share with your friends and families.

smoke and mirrors

If everyone in the music business were brutally honest about what their intentions were, then you could sort things out, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.
__Noel Gallagher

“It was love, I knew, and it tasted like champagne in my mind.”
― Neil Gaiman

What sort of sap doesn’t know by now that picture-perfect beauty is all done with smoke and mirrors anyway?
__Julie Burchill

“I saw her chewing gum when I was thirteen, and I fell for her like a
suicide from a bridge.”
― Neil Gaiman

What I like about Elvis is the same thing I like about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince. These guys, back in the day, there was no smoke and mirrors. It was just raw talent. They would step out onstage and command an audience. Talk about awesome.
__Bruno Mars

“Sometimes you do things you regret, but there’s nothing you can do about them. Times change. Doors close behind you. You move on.”
― Neil Gaiman

We hope this was interesting for our readers to know and read these quotes and captions for smoke and mirrors.Share your own perception about smoke and mirrors expressions and day with us.